Permanently Disable Windows Updates In Windows 7, 8, 10 and11 [All in one Solution]



Disable Windows Update Permanently in 1 Click

We can understand it's so boring that automatic Windows updates are enabled.

Are you burned up with Windows 10 or 11 updates that interfere with your work, chew up your bandwidth, and bring about a variety of issues on your device? You've found the proper place if you're looking for a method to permanently disable Windows updates. This post will demonstrate several ways to block the Windows 10 update.

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Why would you want to disable Windows Update?

There are a few reasons why you might want to disable Windows Update:

Mainly when you are a gamer or developer or working somewhere. For all this region, we make a permanent solution. Not only Windows update, but you can also take many other important features such as 

Advanced Feature :

WUGP - Access to all Windows Update features

wuauserv - Windows Update

WaaSMedicSvc - Windows Update Medic Service

UsoSvc - Update Orchestrator Service

ScheduleWakeToWork - Schedule Wake To Work

ScheduleWork - Schedule Work


bTelemetry - Block Telemetry

bExtra - Block Extra

bUpdate - Block Update

More advantages of Low-Quality Computer:

Let Apps Run In Background -   Let Windows apps run in the background

To prevent unforeseen restarts, Windows Update may download and install updates while your machine is in use, which may result in an unexpected restart. If you are engaged in serious work, this could be distracting.

Running Windows Update can download as big updates, which might consume a lot of bandwidth, especially if your data plan is limited.

Click Here To Download:

Step by step cancel windows update:

1st -     install the software 😊
2nd -    scroll down and turn off the Windows update 😊

Answer for Audience:

Q: To prevent telemetry, should I turn switches to "On" or "Off"? 

A: "On" denotes a telemetry setting that is active, whereas "Off" denotes one that is not. Press the "?" symbols to view the descriptions for additional information. 

Q: After all the settings were applied, something ceased to function. What ought I to do? 

A: Before using Advanced Settings, read the descriptions of each button to understand what it does. Reboot after clicking the Default button. 

Q: How can I tell if a program is functioning properly? 

A: Every change made in WPD is reflected in its original locations in the files gpedit.msc, services.msc, taskschd.msc, and wf.msc. 

Q: Since I disabled everything in WPD, "Night Light" is no longer functional. How do I correct that? 

A: Activate "Connected Devices Platform User Service" before restarting your computer. 

Q: Skype halted working. What ought to I do?

A: Erase the "Additional run the show" within the blocker.

Q: My amplifier halted working. What ought to I do?

A: Open Progressed Settings, turn on "Let Windows apps get to the receiver".

Q: I found an mistake within the Blocker rules.

A: Right now we offer as it were the GUI for the 3rd party IP list, for any issue it would be ideal if you contact the IP list maker.


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All in One and is download the software and Enjoy.

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